Villa Centofiori is a Park designed by people who love nature and the enchanting feeling of walking in the shelter of trees.

As you enter through the gates, you will discover beautifully maintained gardens, fresh water swimming pool as well as grace and dignity.

The environmental conditions are optimal even for those who do not like excessive temperatures and humidity, allows comfortable daytime activities and refreshing nights, with its balmy weather. 30°C are stable throughout the year and cool nights between July-October with 25°C. In the rainy season, the humidity is softened by omnipresent sea breezes.

Several small unfrequented islands nearby are an easy destination for excursions to the underwater world and white sand beaches that are rarely trodden by man.

The main residence has flowing verandas where the overall feeling is of peace and total relaxation everywhere.

Warm timbers, natural stone, elegant water features and mood lighting, combine with simple architectural lines, to create a feeling of a resort.

The result is a serene oasis were, you and your guests can relax, unwind and be indulged within the privacy of a unique island.

Asian, tropical inspired surrounds with a bridge flowing over water feature and superb gardens, with emphasis on low maintenance, but pampered lifestyle. Water paths and falls give the sound of the nature to the park together with thousand birds chirping, nesting in the park.

Numerous mango trees will give you her juicy and fragrant fruits from November to January. You might want to try milky-taste own production bananas or the energy released by a young coconut juice.

A 80m³ swimming pool grants much fun, and the nearby gazebo or by the pool is ideal for relaxation or entertainment. Whether for lounging or dining, this outdoor living spaces, will let you feel close to nature.

A breeze riffles through the leaves, and there's a fragrance of flowers or ripe fruit in the air.