The artificial lake is as big as 230m³ and at the center of it there is a small island, with trees and flowers, accessible by a small submerged bridge with rocks protruding from the water.

Part of this lake has been reserved for a swimming pool with an adequate Hayward pump and filter. 

There are a number of Koi fish thriving in it.

A powerful pump at the spring we own on mainland, is capable to supply +20,000litres fresh water by the submarine pipe line and keeps the 3,500litres tanks, on the top the hill always full and the excess is used  to irrigate the park independently.

  • A sprinkler system is in place.

  • A powerful 13.5Kw stand-by Generator, associated with Automatic start-up and Power Switch, ensure electric power continuity in the event of a power failure from the grid. 

  • The property is fully fenced...

  • ADSL fast internet connection available and WiFi covers the entire property area.

  • A stable cellular connection. 

  • Laundry room is equipped with 2 units 7kg washing machines.

  • A large attic above the kitchen is the perfect hidden place to quickly dry the laundry.

  • A large wood workshop in the basement  and valuable first class semi-processed wood storage. We have professional tools for woodworking.

  • Warehouse for tools and garden equipment and materials.

  • A technical area with workshop for the service and maintenance of machinery, generators, mowers etc.

  • Landing jetties outside main entrance and on mainland connected with additional storage room and garage with enough room for two cars.

  • 5m boat with 40HP outboard engine

  • Mowers ride-on and push.