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We are educated persons and we had always traveled a lot all over, Southeast Asia in particular, but this time, we would not have had to return to fulfill commitments that always waiting for us on our return home. We discovered Gili Gede in 1999 and realised we had found our paradise.


We actually have created here all that is needed to live a life in contact with nature but that would guarantee the comforts that the progress, still absent on the island, did not offer. We have also positioned a submarine pipeline to bring clean fresh water and electricity to our house (10.6kVA from the Grid, and, a powerful standby generator: PERKINS 403D-15G engine, associated with a STAMFORD 13.5kVA generator.). 
With a quantity of natural spring water, practically unlimited, it was possible to build a swimming pool, a lake where Koi fish thrive, water courses, fountains and water games and keep alive the park and the flowers that we have planted.

Own boat easily connecting it to the mainland


The residential house we built there, requires a long speech apart. It's an earthquake resistant skeleton and first class wood, fully furnished.

The southwest part, named "La Terrazza" with its huge park, offers natural environment, clean and well-kept space, needed for the realisation of all facilities worthy of a Yachting Club or a Resort. Feasible achievements are limited only by the imagination, fantasy of architects.

The buildings will remain hidden in the foliage of the trees with a zero impact, and, leaving intact the atmosphere of a genuine Tropical park.

The huge spaces, ensure that promiscuous congestion of living spaces, that require a real privacy, can be avoided.

"La Terrazza", is not just a peace of land, but a park that offers an idyllic shape of the land that, does not require being demolished by digging, because it already offers several locations embedded in the green for any construction you want to insert.

It took 2 years to convert what was a piece of jungle into a comfortable park.


A Marina, adjacent to the west side, there is a port for sailboats and motorboats under construction. This initiative will bring a great development of the whole area because the influx of boats from all over the world. This sheltered and protected bay had already well known many years before the construction of a Marina was planned. Actually, when we arrived in 1999 occasionally few sailing boats were anchored here. The fact remains that, apart from small initiatives, there are no hotels or restaurants to meet the demands of the owners of boats, this market still available to serious commercial enterprises.